Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Patio Garden!... in the future!

So even though its fall, nothing is even thinking of growing and every little seed is hidden away in a warm cacoon of soil, I am still contemplating the potential future of my little patio.

I know I am vastly limited in both space and the rare morning sunlight that bathes it, but there are some things that I can do to make it my own little getaway.

I love both the Japanese maple tree in the corner, and all the mixes of potted flowers displayed. Obviously the square footage is much more than mine, but I do like this one. The one below shows a great use of dwarf conifers which I never thought of using until now. They stay green throughout the seasons which is a great bonus, and they vary in so many sizes so getting that visual interest factor is super easy with them. Definitely a must for my patio garden!!

Now for the real fun! Picking out plants!!! :D I am seriously excited about it!

At first I thought I wanted more of a vegetable herb garden, but because I only get sun in the mornings I don't think there are many vegetables that would like the space. I still might end up with one pot of garlic, thyme, and rosemary and then another hanging pot for tomatoes, but thats still up in the air.

I really wish I could get a Japanede Maple because they are pretty much one of my favorite little trees, but it would severely limit the patio in regards to grilling and just sitting and relaxing out there. There has to be space for me as well!

The first plant that I HAVE decided on though is the Clematis "Prince Charles". Its actually a climbing vine plant with these beautiful soft blooms in the late summer and early fall. I have always been in love with ivy, but because the architecture of my apartment isnt stunning or quaint in the least (which is the only match in my mind for ivy). I think this plant will do nicely.

I am going to get three long rectangular pots lined up alongside eachother in front of my patio fence and place small wire trellices in them in such a way as to foster plant growth up the trellises and eventually on to the fence of my patio to further entertwine. It will be another way to create a more private feeling garden for the patio without needing large english hedges (my plans for the future when I have a home and the land to grow a secret hidden garden!). The trellises will also enable me to transport a substantial amount of the plants with me once I have to move again.

This next plant is a Foxglove and they really come in all sorts of shades and colors. I seem to gravitate toward all the cool colors so I will probably get some like these ones. They grow quite well in pots so a few of these will be placed in the corner for sure. I love that they grow quite tall which will be a great visual interest, especially with a few smaller tiny flowers planted right in front of them. Don't we all love the tiered effect?

And of course Hydrangeas! I don't think anyone can not like these round snow balls of color! They just seem so fun! The only dilemma I have with them is that they are more of a bush... I did some research though and it seems it is possible to plant then in a larger pot and they will grow quite nicely. I will only be able to have one but the little bush of happy color can probably go into a corner just fine.

Now I know Golden Creeping Jenny is usually used as a great ground cover plant, but it also loves to hang out from potted plants as well! It has a wonderful bright green fresh color to it, and trailing out in front of a pot or dangling from a hanging pot it is just wonderful.

One day I will have the space for a great entertaining and grilling area right off the back door with a covered eating out space, plus the beautiful landscaped space I can play with. Trees of course will be a must have, and not the crap that grows here in texas. What I would give for some huge pine trees anything! I want at least an area to have a forest feel to it. Then of course a small little orchard would be great with a little wooden table for picnics or tea parties. (I do want children SOME day lol). I still remember living in a place in Washington that had that and I love the memory.

Of course I love hedges and plan on utilizing tall ones to create a feeling or privacy all about the yard, and any fence area visible, will most certainly be covered in ivy or a creeping vine plant.

I also want two hidden gardens. One just for flowers like rose bushes and such, and another vegetable garden! I will probably have hedges lining my fence but then use that to create spaces between the hedge fence and the real fence for these gardens. Ah I do love the english sometimes... ;P


  1. Ok so I totally commented on this like a week ago and it was a really awesome, thought out comment and now i can't remember any of it *cry*

    I think the basics were:

    At christmas time, stores sell rosemary bushes in the shape of a cone, they're really well priced and they both add a nice decorative touch and the herb is really great in cooking, think italian.

    I haven't tried hydranges yet because I'm afraid that as the flowers die it will be one great dead thing in the middle of your garden lol. But they might be fine, like I said, I've never tried them

    And I totally, completely and utterly agree with your last three paragraphs. Totally lol

    My post will be coming soon but I can't find any really good pics, thus the delay.


  2. haha lol i hate that when it doesnt save!! You could be right about the hydrangeas... i didnt think about that. maybe i can get a picture of one in winter and see how it looks. So for the rosemary, i had thought you could grow it in a pot but the pics of it all seem to show it as rather large? Is it something I can feasibly grow in a pot that won't take over the patio??

    Aw when we both have those gardens we can swap vegetables for our cooking for more variety! So fun!