Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Living Room Painting

I finally bought a painting for my apartment!! Woot!

This one is from Deviant Art of course, which I can now officially feel more of a member by supporting one of the many artists I love who post their pieces for sale and judgement online.

Originally I was planning on buying a different piece that was monotone that I also love but this one will make much more of a statement than the other. The colors go well in my apartment and add more of a punch while the cream painted unfinished portrait would serve better as more of a background piece. Eventually I would like to get that one too but I needed something above my couch opposing the TV that could really throw in some interest.

Its dimensions are as large as I could buy them: 30" by 40" . I will probably use a dark espresso wood frame to tie in with the bookcases and TV stand and to keep the center of the painting the focus with the positive space. The frame will serve to continue to bleeding away at the edges theme. I get to pick it up today so I am super excited.

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