Monday, November 16, 2009

The Perfect Man

Ok, we all know he doesn't exist in reality... But the closer I can get the better!

Matthew Gray Gubler, aka The Gube, is mainly known for his role in Criminal Minds as Dr. Spencer Reid, a fact obsessed member of the Behavioral Analyst Unit in the F.B.I.

I have never been one to find characters in shows or movies as anything more than attractive, but this man is Simply Delicious.

There are no other words.

At first his high intellect, nerd like aspect, and shyness immediately endeared me to his character, but eventually the pure sweetness of his intentions toward others has completely undone me.

This realization had me seriously thinking of the qualities I most desire in a partner, which led me to thinking about the qualities I most desire in myself, to be fair.

I understand its simply ridiculous to have such high expectations of someone else while not following through myself, so with this in mind I created a short little list of the things I need to work on to help motivate myself and to maximize this single part of my life.

1. Financially independent/secure
2. Ambitious/Set career goals
3. Passionate (about anything!)
4. High intellect/Educated
5. Shyish (only because I then trust much more easily)
6. Humorous
7. Active

Steps to take on my end:
1. Follow my budget and continue to pay off debt
2. Commit to MCAT studying more vigorously
3. Follow through with art inspirations
4. Begin and continue a regular exercise routine

Reward: This man! .... ooooor not lol.

Mmmmmmmmmm. Yum.


  1. lol I have a thing for characters. I fall in love with the characters in books, movies, tv etc. Then I remember that they don't exist and I am heartbroken. I think you have an awesome way of looking at your relationship future. You are not all "What can HE do for me" or "what HE NEEDS to be". You look at what you would like, but also what you would like to be yourself. Not many people do that, they want their partner to be perfect, but they arn't willing to try on their part.

  2. Awww thanks!! Yeah I started out refusing to make a "list" as I saw it being disproportionately expectant, but then I decided if thats what I really want to be happy, then maybe it could happen if I follow through as well. It wouldn't be fair to my perfect man right? hehe. Maybe one day I will bump into him at the bookstore... le sigh.