Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kitchen Farmhouse Inspiration

So spending a weekend hunting through all sorts of antique boutiques and the Wimberly Market Day, definitely inspired me!

I love antique shopping so much and finding so many different treasures, but I had more of a Kardashian glamour plan for my apartment set up in my mind. I didn't know how to combine these two visions, and at first was afraid everything would seem so haphazard. This kitchen really helped me see a way to combine all the elements I already have with all the beautiful antiques that I love!

I am so excited about it! When my mom and I went hunting at Market Days, I saw so many curio cabinets, dishes, and pieces of furniture that I really loved but didn't know how to fit in with my style. Now that I have a better example to emulate I can't wait for another shopping trip in the fall to find more pieces.

I have had the image of a white kitchen in my mind for a long time and this specific combination of white trim, elegant wallpaper, and unique antique elements really touched on what I want to create.

I heart all the old fashioned display cabinets with the teapots, pitchers, and trays. There were definitely several kitche finds I saw at the market that would have been perfect for this look, but I of course couldn't spend more money than I had.

I did get some white spray paint more for an experiment than anything else. I have a hanging spice rack that I purchased a few weeks ago, as well as a hanging wine glass holder that I found this weekend. These all will be painted pure white and hopefully will turn out just as well as these cabinets...

I was also planning on purchasing some identical crystal sconses to pair alongside my mirrors in the dining room, but have been having trouble finding anything just right.
I really like the idea now of finding some antique cast iron sconces (which happen to be everywhere) and simply painting them white as well! Thank goodness I actually have white crown molding to pull all of this together completely hehehe.
I am very excited about this new epiphony since now I get to purchase items that I not only love but can also afford! Yay!


  1. aw this is so you. I love it! I've always been partial to vintage-looking yellow and red kitchens. haha, so girly!

  2. Aw they are so fun! You could get like the pale yellow vintage appliances... with maybe red and white diner tiles for the floor? I have developed a dislike for most red lol and that mixture reminds me too much of Ronald McDonald, but Im sure you can do it tastefully somehow!