Monday, January 11, 2010

Lake Conroe Camping

I have been rather discouraged each time I have researched different camp ground locations here in Texas, mainly because I was so spoiled by the beauty and diversity Washington State has to offer. I was able to enjoy the boating, restaurants, and shopping found at Puget Sound in Seattle on one hand, while having the opportunity to enjoy weekend trips to the coast for explorations of light houses, cliff climbing, and camping. To top all of that off, we had Mt. Rainer on our doorstep for camping and hicking! Can you not see the magnificent beauty?! Le sigh. I so miss real trees.

Anyway, I did find one possible location that is still located in Texas. Lake Conroe and Sam Houston State Park. This location is perfect for meeting up with a certain someone *coughmariacough*, and offers the best views I have found. Kayaking or renting boats is an option, as well as hiking and simply enjoying the view! Once the weather thaws out, I would love to make a few of these trips for the spring time to get some peace and enjoy some camp food cooking, hiking or bike riding, and the company of others.


  1. I go to Huntsville Park all the time. It's connected to Sam Houston Park. OF COURSE I'LL GO WITH YOU!!!! lol

    I really want to try the bike riding...except that I don't have a bike. Have you seen Failure to Launch? There is that scene with Matthew McConohey (so spelled wrong but whatev!) and the other guys biking in the park? That's what I want to do.

    When I was little we used to go to Lake Conroe and it was really nice. I haven't been to a lake in years so it will be a different experience, but I'm totally looking forward to it.

  2. Yay!!! I think it will be a perfect compromise... and the loation should be great too! I am going to try to get a bike rack for my car as well, now that I have one. You shoudl get one too cause I totally would love biking like Matthew and his buds hehe. Rock climbing would be sweet too, but alas for the lack of mountains haha. Yay Im excited!

  3. Yeah, rock climbing would be fun. :)