Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Golden Globes

Yes, I enjoyed a wonderful night of excitement watching the 2010 Golden Globes. This year was not as exciting both cinematically as well as fashion wise, mainly because there really were only a few films nominated that I was rooting for (Inglorious Basterds, Star Trek, 500 Days of Summer...) which I knew weren't going to be winning much. Also, the wonderful evening of friends, formal attire, drinks and appetizers, and humor I envision every year for the award season... wasn't in the cards this year. Luckily, I always have next year so I will be looking forward to that. This weekend are the SAG awards as well, so at least a casual night in with a pizza would be great.

Regardless, here are the winners of Best Dressed. There were really only a very few that I liked, and 2 that I loved. This year was rather lacking really. I also refuse to do a Worst Dressed section.

Emily Blunt had an amazing blushing pink frock as I term it. The back is actually has a wonderful swooping fabric effect that dramatizes the mermaid shape of her dress. The 360 camera of E's really shows this one to perfection, and I loved it! Very classy, girly, and flattering! Congrats on the engagement to John Krasinski as well! So cute...

Next, we have Olivia Wilde, a cast member from House, in a perfectly subdued glitter beaded dress. Sequins are always too harsh, but this night time glitter effect of her's was a great smash, and the cut of the neckline I think is simply elegant. Low cut, but I think she wore it well!

Finalement, Jennifer Garner shows up in this subtle mermaid dress (this style was everywhere), and rather than yards of ruffles and fabric which seemed to litter the runway, hers simply used lines to draw the eye. I thought even though this didn't flatter her figure as much, on someone with more of a waste this really would have been beautiful.

And thats it! Nothing else on the runway really stood out in a great way... many just stood out ill fittingly. Maybe next year the designers will have something better to showcase.


  1. I'm so sad that I missed it but there are plenty of pictures on the web of the dresses. I think I shall do a blog in response to your blog. :)

    Also...when you come down...we shall go to Huntsville State Park. Unless it's raining :) They have great nature trails. Hopefully it will have warmed up and maybe the trees will be full and not so dead looking.

  2. Aw yay! Ill make sure to bring me comfy tennis shoes! Maybe we can grill and have a picnic or something there! Aw Im so glad we get to hang out hehe. I am going to bring a couple of board games too! one of these days i bet we could organize a murder mystery game too since we would actually have 8 people lol. you, barry, veronica, me, michael, amber, stuart, someone else, random other people... lol. fun!!

  3. lol there is a place in town where you can do the murder mystery thing! omg! I totally stumbled across it while looking for a venue! I didn't write down the name because I was sure that I could remember it aaand now I can't lol.

    What we can do at the park: I can have Barry and (maybe) Michael come by and they can grill while we do the nature trail. There is a really nice lake with grills next to it so they can stay occupied while we scurry about! That way, it will be ready by the time we get back. And we can bring a cooler! With Beer! lol and water of course.

    OR if you want to have a just me and you date (totally cool too!) we can bring it all in the car and do it ourselves! I don't usually grill so it would definitely be an experience!

  4. I keep coming back to look at the cheese and cracker plate. *drool*