Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Tree Decorating

So this year, my new apartment has a completely different color scheme than my old one. Go figure lol. The last two years I have done a white and green christmas (2011 and 2010). Prior to that, I had done the traditional red and gold. This year, my walls are grey and I have turquoise and aqua accents, so the green wouldn't really have worked.
So what to do for Christmas?! The easiest thing would have been to go for an all white and silver color scheme. I started decorating my tree with this in mind first.

I am so grateful my tree is prelit lol. They are sooo much easier to put up!
Most of my ornaments are just ones purchased from the craft store, but I do have one little box of glass ornaments that mean something special to me. My grandma had these little glass heart ornaments on her christmas tree, and our family inherited them when she died. Every year growing up when we would hang all our ornaments on our tree, coming across these always pulled at my heart a little with memories of her. A few years ago the last one left finally broke (hazards of pet ownership). Apparently my distress was visible, because last Christmas my mom hunted down new ones and gave a whole box to me for my very own!
I will always cherish hanging these on my tree.
So after decorating my tree all white, I was still missing some pops of color, so decided to throw in some Red! It's not as classic, but the little pops of brightness bring me cheer :) I even have little cardinals nesting in the branches!

Thank goodness my tree skirt works! The above picture doesn't really do the red justice, the picture below is a bit more true.

I don't think I will hang stockings this year, since my new apartment does not have a fireplace, and it would just be me and one for Sasha. She has been uber cuddly lately... anytime I am on the couch working on my laptop, sketching, or watching a movie she just plops right next to me hehe.


  1. Your apartment is so beautiful just like you. That tree almost makes me cry it's so pretty. I wish I could visit and spend some time just drinking cocoa and watching movies with you like once a week or so.

    1. awwww that would be so lovely! I would feel like we were actually family lol! It makes me sad that that will never happen :( Arg Idaho lol; I am angry at it for taking you away from me ;P