Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Home Tour 2012

This year's decorating was very modest, with just a few touches to get in the spirit of things.
Welcome Welcome!

Simple wreath I decorated with left over ornaments, nothing fancy...

My tree!
I definitely want a fat white tree for next year.
I think those are so beautiful.
This one is also pretty skinny lol.

Festive minibar! Definitely a necessity for the holidays.

Advent calender for 2012.
These are always a bit more fun with more people involved though.
Somehow there just isn't as much suspense or magic
when I placed the chocolates there myself...

My snowflakes I cut out and glittered all by myself! I am very proud of them lol, although I would have liked to hang them up in a different way. There is always next year though. That was a fun project, and so inexpensive! Paper crafting is always a good option lol.

The beginnings of my new paper village! I haven't really glitterfied them yet, and I will add several more little houses as well and white trees. Eventually it will be a cute little paper village! But for now... its just a Texas village lol.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It actually snowed on Christmas Day here in Dallas!!! I haven't had a white christmas in sooo many years; it was magical. Although I didn't spend it with family, I was invited to my boss' home and we spent the day cooking gumbo, making sugar cookies, and wrapped up the night with a film. All while enjoying some pretty fabulous wine, listening to christmas music, watching the snow fall, and laughing together. Driving home I felt so grateful and appreciative to have been invited to enjoy the holiday with them and invited into their home. That is definitely what Christmas is about.

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