Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mad Men Minibar

I stumbled upon this dresser sitting by the dumpster one morning while taking out the trash.

Immediate thought: this could be my mini-bar! I rushed back into my apartment, grabbed my yard stick, measured the wall space in my apartment simply screaming for a minibar, and then went outside and measured the width of the dresser. And I had 2 inches to spare! Obviously I proceeded to drag the thing into my apartment, to await my DIY planning hehe.

Painting required of course... and new hardware. After I painted it over white, I decided to try something new and paint the top two drawer spaces a seafoam green. I think it turned out pretty well, and I really love using the stackable wine rack in the space.

At first I wanted to buy a shelf to install above and then get some stemware holders to nail underneath it so I can hang my wine glasses underneath. But the latter really only come in dimensions of 12" depth, while finding a floating shelf that deep is practically impossible. So I compromised by finding a 6" deep floating shelf and just storing some of my glasses on top.

I am using the drawers for linen storage since I do not have a linen closet.
When I painted over the top, I had to do several coats because the writing kept creeping through lol.
One young teenage girl's trash - my own new household treasure.


  1. Gorgeous! I of course am referring to the pic of Julia and me LOL :D That was an awesome find! Very well done! You so need to get up here soon and help me design the pool room. I have to do it on a tight budget since we will likely move in a year, but I hate that its so bland.

    1. hahaha I know, every time I look at that pic the irony makes me smile hehe.

      And I so want to help you decorate! I totally purchased those turquoise faux silk curtains we saw at World Market, and they look great! Maybe after Christmas we can coordinate a weekend trip or something? ...filled with episodes of British comedy panel shows and popcorn, a structured plan of attack for the pool room, and some pinterest recipe making? :D

  2. I like the other picture. ;-) And again gorgeous! I love it. We probably won't be able to move out into a bigger and better place for a couple years realistically speaking but when we do I definitely need for you to either come up to help decorate our new house or do it by internet and phone or skype or something. Do you have skype by the way?

    1. Absolutely would love to help you decorate! It is a small passion of mine hehe... I will say, there are lots of things you can do now in your temporary dwelling that would tranfer well to another home, so you don't have to avoid all decorating. I have moved often enough to be expeienced in that field lol.

      I do not have skype, but that's because I don't really have my own computer right now since the burglary. Once I do purchase one though I will get skype and let you know. I bet we can do a lot if you send me pictures through email and then just chat over the phone though!