Thursday, December 6, 2012

Homemade Snowflake Ornaments

Since I changed color schemes, I wanted to add a few white and red ornaments to my tree this year. Last year I used simple green ball ornaments from Hobby Lobby and painted snowflakes on them, and I wanted to follow through with that again but with red.

I still had the glitter and white paint I used, so all I had to buy were a couple boxes of ball ornaments for a total of $5.00
One christmas movie later, viola!


These additions were definitely needed to bring some pop to my tree! And there is something just fun and festive about making your own ornaments :)

Happy Christmas!!!


  1. We have no money but if you could do it on almost nothing like dollar store stuff maybe I should make you come visit and decorate our house. I'd love to do stuff like this but first of all, I'm not as creative as you and second, we are always broke. I like the idea of doing stuff like this while watching movies though. Good idea.

    1. It really is so inexpensive if you just know when and where to buy things! And a lot of my supplies were purchased once, and I have been able to reuse them constantly (glue gun, glitter, scrabook paper, exacto knife, ruler). It really is just about being creative... although of course being able to add a few purchased items is always nice.