Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fasion Trends: Plaid Crazy

I. Love. Plaid. 
But only certain color combinations lol... it all depends on the pattern. 
And it is such a classic look! I think it reminds me of the holiday season.
Specific patterns seem to pop up each year, but investing in a couple of pieces for your wardrobe is definitely a smart fashion forward move.

Plaid shirts are the most available and easy to purchase right now if you just want to incorporate it into your wardrobe simply.

Last year there was an emphasis on red and black, but this season the trend has migrated more toward greens and blues, like these skinny trousers.

I am definitely in love with the green!

A scarf is another easy and affordable purchase, if you just want to get your feet wet. 


Work appropriate ensemble! I need a navy skirt, STAT hehe.

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  1. i love all these bits of clothing, anyone of them would be a statement piece in a wardrobe :)