Monday, December 10, 2012

Ballet Slippers

I am so excited about this drawing!

{11 x 14" pencil drawing of Pointe Shoes}
This is just a photograph that I had to edit to brighten of the drawing so the contrast level got kicked up and the pencil strokes are more obvious than the original, but I am going to scan it with a professional scanner soon.  
This is sort of the first drawing I have done recently which is really all me, and it feels so good! I think I am going to also create a few more ballet inspired pieces to build a collection that I can display together.
I started this concept design this past Wednesday, and actually had it completed by Saturday night! I was expecting the entire process to take me a lot longer, but instead of distracting myself and putting my supplies away even temporarily, I kept everything out and within my line of sight which really helped me stay on task.
There was so much work involved in this, so just having completed it to my satisfaction is so rewarding. But after I scan the image so I can keep it for always, I am planning on matting and framing it, and hanging it at a local Cafe Brazil for sale. I was at one this past weekend, and most of the items for sale are not as good, and yet are being sold anywhere from $50-$250. After asking the advice of a few objective people, I think I am leaning somewhere between $50-100 without the frame. We will see though...
Depending on how that venture goes, I may try selling most of my originals at a cafe, and use Etsy mainly to sell Prints. I would love to be able to build up a good little print business.

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  1. Good. Beautiful. That is a decent price. We have a friend who sells wildlife paintings he's done for around $200 a piece so I think that is a very fair price you are setting for yours.