Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas '10

With the new apartment move and redecorating, I had some thinking to do about my christmas decorating plans this past year. I ended up changing my theme from the traditional red, green, and gold of Christmas '09 to white, green, silver, and gold to match my white and green living space. Lots of snow for the theme!

I focused mainly on the tree this year, since finding a stocking was nearly impossible. I'm leaving that and other decorations for next year (wreath, santa clauses...) :P
Since findings green ornaments is actually very difficult, I started with all white and silver, and then used some white "snow paint" and "snow glitter" to decorate some of my ornaments from last year. It took a long time to complete them all, but I was really happy with how they all turned out!

I also used some white ribbon with silver and gold glitter snowflakes to add some interest! That actually turned out really nice with the white lights shining through. I think it really pulled all the decorations together.
This is the bottom with the tree skirt I found. I was hoping to find three white stockings of the same design for me, Bowser, and Sasha but I was too late in the year :(
I will hunt earlier for 2011, but if I don't find anything I may have to resort to a DYI...

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  1. Aw! It looks nice! And yes...we have the same tree skirt lol