Friday, September 9, 2011

New Sketching Project Plan

Ok, so NEW art project idea/concept/plan lol.

This whole- needing to spend all that time and energy drawing actual art pieces- is just too much for my time as well as my current level of skill lol. Therefore, I have decided to instead every week choose one theme for drawing multiple sketches, specifically for the purposes of learning perspective, and devloping better technique.

For example, this coming week will be Leaves. And it can be anything: leaves from different types of trees, leaves in varying light, leaves of different seasons, in different settings, anything!

Not only will this allow me to develop my skill, but the semi freedom in subject interpretation I suspect will allow me the perfect degree of inspiration to develop my own artistic taste as well!

So this is the plan, and we will see how it unfolds hehehe.

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