Monday, September 12, 2011

Etsy Shop: Fall Themed Sets

I started out just with the maple leaf idea, but then that evolved into trying out a whole "fall" themed set with a pumpkin and acorns!

I then thought I might as well come up with a whole fall leaf set! Im also going to paint a set green as well for the spring and summer weather.

 I took these photos with my homemade photobox, built out of a large cardboard box, tape, and white tissue paper lol! It totally works great though! Initially I was worried there was not enough light, but my new camera not only picks up light much better than my cameraphone, but also allows me to adjust the exposure manually!. How great is that! It definitialy came in handy when trying to photograph the black halloween napkin rings lol.

This maple leaf was my first design! I ended up using metallic paints for all of these designs, but am still tweaking with the color blending a LOT lol. Getting the exact right tint is harder than you would think...

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