Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Austin Trip

This past Labor day I ended up taking a bus down to Austin, and for the first time in 4 months the weather was actually enjoyable!

 Quelle surprise!

It was simply so lovely, Monday morning I ended up waking up early early to wander outside and take some fun snap shots. Viola! The sunrise was fun to shoot over the hill near my parents house.

The craggly dried up landscape of the Hill Country lol.

The house across the street has goats and a donkey hahaha; they must have thought me so silly...

Deer feeding time! This little area of Austin has its own little herd of deer that everyone feels responsible for, and many neighbors leave out water and/or feed for them.

We also actually had several fires this past weekend, the worst being in Bastrop southeast of Austin. There were 14,000 acres burned, and 300 homes destroyed as of yesterday... The smoke could be seen and the smell of burning was impossible to ignore.


  1. Love love love the photos! Well done! And I love the little deer! I have a deep deep love for deer and if we had a little herd by my house...I would never get anything accomplished. :)

    I'm so sad to hear about all the wildfires. :( They are so very upsetting. I don't worry so much about houses and businesses but more about the animals both domestic and wild. It makes me so sad that sometimes I just have to stop thinking about it. :(

  2. Hahaha thank you! I love my camera, and Picnik lol! Im just happy no one tries shooting them since we are after all in Texas lol. I love the deer!