Friday, June 24, 2011

Ballroom Dancing Diva

Ok. This has nothing to do with Dancing With the Stars. I have never seen that show lol.

But!, since college attending a few free dance sessions at our gym, I have wanted to learn to ballroom dance. I finally took lessons! When I signed up for Groupon the first ticket I received was for 8 lessons focused on the Waltz, Fox Trot, and East Coast Swing which I of course jumped on.

I am so happy I did! I think the hardest part of the whole experience, was trusting the man to lead... especially when he sometimes gets off the music or jumbles his "hints" up lol. Its definitely a lot easier to listen to his body when he actually knows what he is doing.

In the end, if you are able to let his body guide your movements, it so much more of a relief not having to make the decisions lol! Wonder if that says anything about our new-found independence as women with respect to our relationships hmmm?

The Waltz was the easiest and probably the most fun I would say. AND the music is played a lot more often.

The Fox Trot was more interesting as a dance, but I didn't really like that as a female you end up dancing basically backwards the whole time...Kinda weird.

Swing I was expecting to be the most fun... but man is it hard! Whew. Talk about working up a sweat lol. I think I'm going to leave that to the enthusiasts lol.

Isn't Frankie cute! Ah the good ol' chauvinistic days lol. Just kidding girls! ;P

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  1. lol Swing is amazing! But yes, lots of hard work.

    I love your whole "letting the man lead and it tying into today's relationships" line of thinking. I think you might have the flesh that out a bit. :)

    I'm pretty sure that dancing with a complete stranger is a lot harder than dancing with a person you have a relationship with and already have communication experience with.