Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Swimwear!

Ok, soooo. Officially excited for the summer now lol! As women, we all have body image issues, so summer time for me is usually not so very fun. Growing up as a kid in the cold north, in Washington, with all the rain, didn't foster a love of swimming anyway. Its been a very challenging process working on my comfort level since moving here. But fun and forgiving swim suits so help!!!

Target finally came out with some cute push up bra swim suits for those of us in that department, and I am SO happy. A few months ago they only had black which is pretty bla, but recently these are a couple of their new styles.

Of course, with the next few months packed with trips to the beach, the river for tubing, and swimming at the local pool, I immediately rushed over and made the oh so necessary purchase! This is one of the two I bought, just because it was wimsical. Now I just need a great floppy sun hat!

This is the other one I purchased that fit really well. The bottom front and back panels are string tied together.

This paisley suit was actually my complete favorite because of the pattern and color, but the bottoms just were not working at all... Not good unless you are super toned and have no layer of fat at all to be squeezed lol.

Maybe I can buy the top and wear it with white bottoms...?

Future shopping list:
1. White bottoms and paisley top
2. Fun floppy hat
3. White flip flops
4. Cute cover up


  1. Cute!!!! I ESPECIALLY like the paisley one! And I understand what you're saying about the bottoms not working lol I bought some white bottoms from Victoria's Secret let's just say they didn't fit lol. In fact, before you go buy the white bottoms, let me mail the one I have to you. It's never been worn and if you don't like it you can just throw it away. :)

    I'm glad you've found some suits! I have yet to buy any as I am waiting for the mythical pre-summer-weight-loss to happen. ;D

  2. OoooOO fun ok!

    Pre-summer... hehehe. Bla well at least you are getting good cardio in with the biking and cutting down on empty calories! There's actually no way you DONT lose weight! That will be so great!!