Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HTown Trip

Maria and I, finally able to realize one of our many well planned adventures! (And oh, how many there have been lol)

I required a ridiculous combination of caffeine and sugar, so Maria and Barry graciously accomodated with a trip to Starbucks beforehand. Mmmmm whip creamy goodness.

Barry actually ended up with his macho venti frap, plus a low fat grande since they messed up our order. And he drank it ALL hehehe.

We started off on our little tour walking tour of Houston at the new park next to Minute Maid, which was actually surprisingly nice! Maria and I kept findings ourselves back at the man made pond.... it was hot lol.

It had been Green Day, so there was a fun fair going on at the time as well! One of the little attractions was a blow up bouncy heart that you could walk through and simulate the pathway of our circulator system. This was a great conceptual idea but failed on application lol... We skipped the lungs entirely (no oxygenated blood for you!) and ended up going from the right ventricle to the left ventricle and then the left atria. Apparantly the blood isn't going to get pumped anywhere either. Yay for teaching all our young children the completely wrong thing! It sure was fun though!

Dude, there was a button on a bridge across from the Aquarium, that made this bubble in the Bayou! This was just when it popped to the surface and is about half the size it ended up growing to, and was just silly fun. Its called, The Bayou Bubble! ..Dum Dum Dum.......

If i had kids, I would so freak them out with stories of monsters muahahahahaha.

Then, Barry discovered a really cool costume shop in the area that we ended up spending waaaaaay too much time in lol.

My candy look! Maria looked really good in the bob too, but I think it freaked her out lol.

No, I don't know these people. Never seen them before. They just popped up randonly......

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