Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games

This weekend is the official opening of the first film in Suzanne Collins trilogy, The Hunger Games.

Epic! hehehe.

I am comparing, as so many are, this sci-fi Trilogy with the Twilight Saga and the Harry Potter Series.

I have read all the HP and Twilight novels and seen all the films, and just completed the games trilogy a few weeks ago.

I really enjoyed the themes of fighting for political freedom in tandem with the struggle for personal survival, and thought that the novels had much more complexity in a thematic sense than the Harry Potter books. They were still a much more simplified version of many adult science fiction novels that have been on bookshelves for years, but should translate well to film because of this. Great books for anyone but probably best for teenagers.

HP still has something that can never be trumped; magic! Despite its simplistic thematic plot, the world created by J.K. Rowling offers that childish escapism none of others compete with, and will likely remain a classic for children and young teens.

Twilight has more of an obsessive, corrosive, brooding quality to it that isn't quite the healthiest, but is somehow impossible to resist. Despite the main character's insanely annoying possession of a suicide/stupidity gene, I think the true allure originates from Edward's possessive and unyielding love. Committment issues are pretty much not a factor in this relationship, and in this divorce riddled age, I think that amps up the attraction.

Yay for Katniss Everdeen! Go see the movie, even if you opt out of the books (I think it will be better on film anyway), and cheer for District 12!

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